iOS 7 Reportedly Warning Testers About the Reliability of Third-party Lightning Cables

Those testing the first beta of iOS 7 and trying to use a third-party Lightning cable for charging their devices are reportedly being surprised with a new warning message that says:
This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.
Apple launched the new Lightning cable with the iPhone 5 and has been using the new cable with every new iOS device ever since. Because of the custom chip in the cable’s plug that needed to be cloned to create third-party Lightning cables, third-party hardware companies have been slow on releasing third-party versions of the cable. 

For those that have managed to create clones, Apple’s devices on iOS 7 appear to be able to tell when the cables aren’t legitimately from Apple. As noted by MacRumors, iOS 7 doesn't prevent the third-party Lightning cables from functioning properly, however. They will still charge and sync the device as expected.


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