Apple Used Marketing Department for iOS 7 Icon Designs?

Clearly, iOS 7's icons are a radical change from the ones that consumers were use to in previous iOS builds. However, Thenextweb has uncovered the true reason for this drastic change in a recent report.

Reportedly, the iOS 7 icons were drafted by design members of Apple’s marketing and communications department, not the usual app design team. Apparently, this change was made in order to take the os to a different direction rather than make small changes. The marketing team of designers would create the icons, while the app designers would work on the app itself using the icons as a reference.

Word also came in that there was not much communication between the different 'teams' (ex Safari vs Mail) -- which could explain the inconsistencies that some see in the new iOS. In fact, there were 'teams' within icon groups to see which team could draft the best icon.

Of the various aspects of iOS 7, the design of its icons and other visual cues are the most in flux at the moment. There are still refinements and conversations going on around them. I don’t know but would expect there to be a lot of fixes for the inconsistency we’re seeing in things like gradients and design language on the home screen.

Also, there seems to be a good chance that the confusing up arrow on the lock screen — which has tricked everyone I’ve seen try it into swiping up to unlock, rather than to the right — will be ‘fixed’ (removed?) before iOS ships in the (probably) fall.

TNW also reports that there is still some talk of make more design changes here and there and the likelihood of ironing out the 'inconsistencies' is still a possibility. 

What do you think of the new look?


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