iPhone 3G Jailbroken on iPhone OS 4.0 With Multi-tasking [Video]

DarkMalloc, lilstevie, and iH8sn0w have posted a video showing a jailbroken iPhone 3G with multi-tasking enabled.

iH8sn0w has posted the following reasons for not releasing offering jailbreak for the beta OS.

1: It cannot restore on a PC, only a Mac can. There is no way to make it run on a PC.
2: Its very very buggy
3: This is meant for developers to test new api's.
4: it has a 58% success restore rate.
5: It would promote more piracy. Meaning users would illegally download the ipsw and bypass the UDID trap.

No new exploit was used; rather, a jailbroken device was upgraded in a manner which retained the jailbreak.

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