Apple Working on iPhone Video Out Menu System?

A new application found in iPhone OS 4.0 transforms the iPhone screen into a remote control for a video out menu system, according to a TUAW report.

Our source says that information bundled into the application shows that Apple intends this new "iPod out" functionality to be used in automobiles using the iPod Accessory Protocol (IAP). Hints as to this use are found in strings within the application itself. These strings include IAPSimpleRemoteCarButtonNotification and IAPSimpleRemoteCarButtonTypeKey.

Its possible that the application could be used for an Apple-branded car kit which would give users access to the onboard audio libraries (no video at this time).

Apparently the application has hands-free phone integration as well (kCTCallStatusChangeNotification).

You can take a look at the menus in the video below...

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