BigBoss Releases Beta Update of Libhide for Hiding iPhone Icons

BigBoss has announced a beta update to Libhide, the underlying library used to hide icons, which is used by SBSettings, Poof, Categories, and even Winterboard.

I have updated libhide adding the following long awaited features:

1) Hiding apps no longer impacts their performance in other apps.
For example, hiding mail will no longer remove the settings pane mail settings. Hiding youtube will no longer cause embedded youtube videos to stop showing up in safari. This was one of the main reported issues with Categories app when people would move mail or youtube into a folder. Special thanks to developer Dustin Howett for helping me with this.

2) Hiding apps and unhiding apps no longer require a respring.
To this end, I have created a new sbsettings, poof, and categories that properly use libhide with these changes.

I have been testing this for a few days myself, but since libhide has so many installs, I would like to get some stronger testing in before releasing it. Therefore, I have added the new libhide v2.0.6, categories, poof, and sbsettings updates to my beta
repository. The only changes in categories, poof, and sbsettings are to support the new libhide no respring mode when hiding icons. For categories, this includes adding and removing folder icons. For sbsettings this includes adding and removing icons to the dock.

To test these new versions you can add the BigBoss beta repo to Cydia:

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