Free Push Fix for hacktivated iPhone’s is here!

Thanks to the work of the iPhone DevTeam, with their original “by hand” method of fixing push, they have paved the way for a more automated process.
#iphone IRC commoner
anethema has setup a way to fix push via Cydia which gives you GENUINE activation certificates, and they are ALWAYS unique. You will never share acivation certs with another iPhone user. The best part? Unlike which charges it’s userbase a fee for them to get their push working, anethema’s solution is 100% FREE.
You can find Push Doctor on NERV Repository. Add the repo URL on my homepage or on this blog under “Tweaks” to Cydia’s sources to get the fix.
If you’ve legit activated, you do not need this but even if you install it you wont have an issue.
Here is a writeup by anethema about Push Doctor:

NOTE: This is NOT an application you run from SpringBoard or command line. It does all the work immediately while Cydia runs. If you install this to fix push, and you decide to uninstall the package it will not remove the push fix. Reinstalling will delete your “old” certs and install new ones. You will not notice any difference, however.


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