ScreenRecorder: Video Record Your iPhone Or iPod Touch Screen

New day, new app in Cydia: ScreenRecorder. This app let’s you record everything that happens on your iPhone or iTouch ( on the screen ) and you could use it for video tutorials or demos.

Once you installed the app , load it, tap on the only button that says “Capture” and wait for the countdown to start recording everything on thescreen . When the app starts recording, you can exit by pressing the home button, and start browsing through your iDevice.ScreenRecorder will eat a lot of resources , so don’t be surprised if it crashes a lot.

ScreenRecorder is available in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo for $1.99 ( not worth buying )

PS: from now on, when using your friend’s iPhone ( or any other iPhone ) , make sure the app is not running in the background before you decide to login to Facebook or input any password


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