iPhones With James Bond Type Sensors iPhones With James Bond Type Sensors

AG Solutions, the developers of Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm, has released the app's latest update. Thief Buster is real anti-theft software, complete with biometric fingercoding, motion detection, proximity sensor and volume blocking. It is the only application available that restarts itself if a would be thief tries to turn it off. The app is a very serious security measure against iPhone theft but still has the fun feel of a James Bond gadget.

Your iPhone may look like, well a phone, but if it has the Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm on it, that device is also a high-tech, highly secured instrument. The developers at FLAG Solutions have taken great pains to program failsafe precautions into the app to guard against theft of a user's device. The technology involved is pretty cool too, very James Bond.

There's something called biometric fingercoding incorporated into the security features of Thief Buster. A user must touch their fingertips to the screen to set their passcode (fingercode) initially. After that, touching the screen in the preset sequence arms or deactivates the alarm. There are fingerprint areas on the screen to guide the user, which may fool a potential robber into thinking that it is their prints stored in the device.

Right now, Thief Buster is the number one paid app in Spain and is downloaded in more than fifty countries. One of the reasons for that is a feature that is unique to this application, no other app has it.

Typically, if someone attempts to steal an iPhone, they merely have to hit the Home button to turn off the alarm system. They can try that with Thief Buster but it won't work. When the system is armed, hitting the Home button actually tells the program to restart itself. There's no getting away with anything with this one.

Another trick of phone thieves is to turn down the volume before taking off with the device, thereby silencing the alarm. Again, this won't get a burglar anywhere. The Thief Buster app has precautions for that in place, using volume blocking. The loud, obnoxious noise of the alarm is stuck at maximum levels if any attempts are made to steal it. Unless a user buries their phone in bag of clothes, they can be pretty much guaranteed that a theft attempt will be very loudly noticed.

Thief Buster actually can protect bags, but burying the phone deeply within a lot of content is going to muffle the alarm. There is a setting specifically for an iPhone that offers protection when the device is slipped into the outside pocket of a purse or backpack type of item.

* Anti-Pocket Picker Mode
* Bag Defender Mode
* Don't Touch My iPhone Mode (only feature useable on iPod touch 2nd & 3rd generation)
* Home button makes the app restart
* Motion activated and proximity sensor activated (iPhone only)
* Multi-touch fingercode
* Volume always at maximum when alarm sounds; can't be turned down or off unless disarmed
* High quality visuals
* Demo videos

Coming Features:
* GPS positioning with stealth mode
* Some top secret cool stuff

This level of security may sound complicated to use but it isn't. If a person does get stuck though, the app includes tutorial and demonstration videos that clarify operation of the features. Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm is everything an iPhone owner could hope for and more. If everyone downloads this app, iPhones will die of old age in the hands of the original owner. That part isn't very James Bond but the sleek, sexy secrets within the application are.

Pricing and Availability
Thief Buster Antitheft Alarm 1.1 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

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