Vampires Live App - Spying on you?

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Vampires Live from the iPhone AppStore is currently number 23 on the AppStore free applications list.

A on-line game where you assume the role of a vampire, build your clan and gain experience.

Version tested: 1.5 (current as of writing)

Firstly I would like to say, "Immediately delete & report this application to Apple, then remove & delete all applications by Storm8 LLC."

Now that is out of the way, lets continue. This application has so many privacy issues and violations that I have already reported it to Apple and will create a permanent "Hall of Shame".

During use, the application tracks and reports:
- your mobile phone number (yes, you read that right)
- application version, number
- unique ID of your iPhone
- points (if applicable)
- iPhone model
- firmware versio

Not only does this occur once, but multiple times (half a dozen) during the course of utilising this application.


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