Gameloft Announces "Avatar" for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Ubisoft and Gameloft today announced the completion of official game dedicated to the film "Avatar." This is a way of fiction in 3D directed and produced by James Cameron. The film is set in the XXII century, on a planet called Pandora is very similar to Earth. Pandora is covered with rain forests with tall trees up to three hundred meters and inhabited by creatures of all kinds, including of humanoids called Na'Vi three meters tall and covered with a skin striped like tigers. The air is not breathable Pandora by humans, and so they have developed genetically a sort of hybrid between human and Na'Vi, or the 'avatar'.

So a human can control an avatar connecting their nervous system, the individual enters into a sort of coma, and through awareness can use the avatar as an extension of his body. The protagonist (Sam Worthington) is becoming more empathetic with the people of Na'Vi, invaded by humans, and eventually will have to choose which side they are.


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