Stack v3.0 for iPhone [Demo Video]

Steven Troughton-Smith has posted a video demo of Stack v3.0 which will add stacks capability to the iPhone OS.

This version actually allows for multiple stacks by implement the stack as an icon which can be moved anywhere on your SpringBoard.

On a whim, I'd rewritten Stack to actually be an icon in SpringBoard. It can be moved anywhere, has all the same positioning and reordering abilities as any other icon, it doesn't interfere with other apps, and is generally the cleanest and best way I could ever implement Stacks (yes, with an 's', there can be more than one now!). It took an awful lot of hacking around and programming blind to pull it off, but I think it's gonna work really well.

You can see the video demo of Stack v3.0 Alpha 1 below. Hit the link for more info or to donate towards this project...

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