How to Generate a Unique Certificate for Your iPhone 3GS' iBSS (Mac)

Instructions on how to generate a unique certificate for your iPhone 3GS' iBSS using a Mac.

Apple has added a new layer of security to the iPhone 3GS called the ECID field. According to GeoHot when iTunes starts the restore process, they contact Apple servers to generate signatures just for your device. It's important you get these signatures for your phone before a new version of the software comes out.

Step One
Put your iPhone into recovery mode. If you do not know how to do this then you can follow this tutorial.

Step Two
Click to select About This Mac from the Apple menu at the top left of your screen.

Step Three
Click the More Info... button from the window that appears.

Step Four
System Profiler will open. Select USB from the Hardware menu at the left.

Select Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode from the USB Device tree in the top right panel.

Step Five
Copy (highlight and press Command+c) your ECID from the Serial Number field.

Step Six
Open your web browser and navigate to Paste (command+v) the ECID into the field provided and press the Enter key.

Step Seven
The site will generate a file and ask you whether you would like to save or open it. Click to Save the file and store it in case you need it in the future.


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