iPhone Bluetooth Unlock Makes More Progress

The team at iBluetoothProject.tk has released a small MobileTerminal app to demonstrate their progress in unlocking the iPhone's bluetooth capabilities.

The teaser app called "bluesn0w" does a 10 second scan for near-by bluetooth devices and displays each of their MAC addresses. Their goal is to bring to the iPhone the bluetooth services a smart mobile phone should have.

Final app deets:
1. Ultimately this application will probably be Free and Open Source,
2. It obviously will look a lot more flashy, with a clean and easy to use GUI,
3. (We think) the app will be able to complete your wildest dreams. (Nothing in the 'requests' section I don't see cannot be done for the most part!)
4. Did I hear something about Bluetooth Super Hack? You can bet your bottom dollar we're working on it!
5. The MAC address can be spoofed, and we will possible add this ability to the final release.

You can read the full press release, download the app, and make donations towards the project using the link below.

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