BlueSn0w release of its iPhone on Bluetooth

BlueSn0w is the name that was given to Primio "pre-release" of the public will release software that allows the Bluetooth to use it without restrictions as it is today.
Currently the application does not have a graphical interface, you have to be used by the terminal and only allows us to see the MAC addresses of devices that are close, but serves to see the progress we are making.
Have comments that are preparing the application for an advanced version but, so it will be easier to use with a graphical user interface.

but we strongly recommend that users do not try to lay install it. Wait a few more days until we leave the application with the interac graphics.

  1. Download this file.
  2. Connect via SSH bluesn0w and download the file in the folder / var / root / and allowed 777
  3. Install MobileTerminal through the Cydia
  4. Opened the terminal at the iPhone
  5. Type: SSH-l root localhost
  6. Enter the password that should be "alpine".
  7. Type: chmod-R 777 ./bluesn0w
  8. Type: ./bluesn0w
  9. MAC Now the application will look for 10 seconds near the devices and show their MAC addresses


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