Apple is No. 2 in Online Retail Ahead of Staples and Walmart [Chart]

Apple is number two in online retail ahead of Staples and Walmart, according to 2013 e-commerce sales data from Internet Retailer.

The WSJ notes that Apple increased online sales by 24% to $18.3 billion last year.

Part of the increase in Apple’s sales this year came from Internet Retailer’s inclusion of Apple’s online hardware sales for the first time, in addition to the digital sales from its App Store and iTunes.

Amazon is way ahead in terms of sales reaching $67.8 billion last year. That's more than its next 10 biggest online competitors combined. However, a recent chart from Asymco analyst Horace Dediu reveals that there are far more iTunes accounts than Amazon active customer accounts. This may be important if Apple launches a mobile payments service.

Check out the chart below for more details...

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