Upcoming Apple TV Software Update Touts iTunes Radio and Conference Room Display Mode

The Apple TV didn’t receive too much attention during WWDC 2013 but the set-top box still seems to have Apple’s attention. New videos reveal iTunes Radio and a new Conference Room mode in the works for its forthcoming software update. As Apple promised when it originally announced iTunes Radio at WWDC 2013, the Internet radio service has arrived on Apple TV as part of a new software beta. Users can now stream music from the device’s built-in app, with the same accessibility seen on iPhones running iOS 7 beta.

The development gives Apple another platform on which to push its new radio service, which will be competing directly with both Google’s new music streaming service and the already well-established Pandora. According to industry observers, Pandora is likely to face a tough road with Apple entering the radio market. 

As for the other feature in the update, Conference Room Display mode, it’s meant mainly for sharing content in meeting rooms. The display mode gives attendees on-screen instructions telling them how to connect their iOS devices to the Apple TV using AirPlay. 

In addition to these features, the update is also said to provide the ability to customize the style of their subtitles. As the software is still in the beta stage, Apple may add or remove additional features before a final release. We’ll find out when the update is released publicly.

Those of you interested in watching the video can do so below:



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