Gameloft Teases Upcoming Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Meltdown Update

Gameloft has Monday morning teased an upcoming update for the highly popular first-person shooter game for iOS known as Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The update is code-named Meltdown. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming update below:


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The Meltdown update will include three new maps to play on, two new game play modes to play, two new weapons to play with, and one new specialization. All existing players will be able to download the update for free, but those that don't yet own Modern combat 4: Zero Hour and want to play will need to buy the game from the App Store for $6.99 from this App Store link.

Gameloft has announced that the update will go live for all iOS players on June 19th, but the update will come to Android players “soon,” giving no exact date for the alternative platform. 

Notably, Gameloft also teased Modern Combat 5 with a teaser video earlier this month, indicating that the new game may launch later this year. It’s always good to see that Gameloft is still offering regular updates to the most recent version of the game while still spending time working on the sequel. 


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