Seven iOS 7 Features Apple Borrowed From the Jailbreak Community

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Apple surprised all of us with the new features in iOS 7 Monday afternoon. What was more surprising was the sheer amount of new features that appeared to be taken from the jailbreak community. This list will go over just some of the features Apple integrated into iOS 7 that the jailbreak community had first.

1. Preview Multitasking

Apple introduced an updated App Switcher in iOS 7, which shows application previews rather than just application icons. Applications are dismissed by swiping down on them. Sound familiar? – this App Switcher works a lot like Auxo. It’s just blown up in size a little bit with more metro animations.

2. Call and Text Blocking

Apple enabled the ability to block callers in iOS 7. Users will also be able to block people from text messaging, iMessaging, and FaceTiming them in iOS 7. This feature has been in the jailbreak community for a long time known as iBlacklist.

3. A Live Clock Application Icon

As we can tell, Apple appears to have finally introduced a live clock application icon to the iOS home screen. The icon now displays the actual time rather than being a static application icon. This feature has been in the jailbreak community for some time now known as LiveClock.

4. Access Notification Center On the Lock Screen

In iOS 7, Apple has allowed access to Notification Center right from the lock screen so you can easily see all of your notifications. Currently, Apple only lets you access Notification Center when the device is unlocked and you need to be jailbroken and running the popular IntelliScreenXto do this.

5. Apply Photo Filters Without Third Party Apps

iOS 7 now lets you apply filters to photographs without the use of third party applications. iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G users can add filters right from the Camera application, while all other iOS 7 users can apply photograph filters from the Photos application. With a jailbroken iOS 6 device, you can apply filters to photographs from the Photos application with a jailbreak tweak known as PhotoFilters.

6. Unlimited Tabs in Safari

In iOS 7, Apple has removed the 8 tab limit in Mobile Safari so you can have more Web pages opened at once. With a jailbreak, you can do the same thing with a tweak known as Tab+.

7. Toggles

Apple has finally introduced toggles in iOS 7 with Control Center. It offers network toggles, a flashlight button, brightness, volume, song information and more. There are many jailbreak tweaks that add this kind of functionality to iOS, but one of the most popular is SBSettings.

There are probably many more features Apple borrowed from the jailbreak community that will be discovered in the near future, but in the spirit of iOS "7," we will start off with just seven of them at this point in time. If you have noticed any that aren't listed, feel free to talk about them below!


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