Apple Releases Results for 2013 Design Awards

After the WWDC keynote, the annual Apple Design Awards results were announced with several big names. Of the apps that made the list, Evernote and Yahoo! Weather being among the best apps on iOS and Mac OS X for 2013. The awards were handed out at the Presidio Monday night, celebrating the iPhone, iPad and Mac apps that demonstrated “technical excellence, innovation and outstanding design” within the last year.

Overall, 11 apps made the list including two submissions from student developers. In addition, this year also saw applications for student scholarships, with winners getting a free pass to attend WWDC in San Francisco. The entrants only had eight days to come up with an app that described their experience and backgrounds. 

The 2013 Apple Design Awards were given to the following apps (as noted on Apple’s webpage):

• WWF Together
• Procreate
• Badland
• Yahoo! Weather
• Letterpress
• Ridiculous Fishing
• SkyGamblers: Storm Raiders (iOSOS X)
• Coda 2
• Evernote (iOSOS X)

Student Awards
• Finish.

The student scholarship showcase featured three submissions, which included 17-year-old Louis Harboe’s “My Adventure Book,” 19-year-old Bryan Keller’s eponymous “Bryan Keller,” and 13-year-old Puck Meerbug’s “WWDC.” 

Have any of you tried any of the following apps? If so, do you think they were worthy of an award?


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