iPhone 5S Rumored To Be Available In Gold, Cheaper iPhone To Come In Many Colors

In addition to the standard black and white colors, the iPhone 5S is rumored to come in a new gold color as well -- according to Japanese website Macokatara.

The site notes that the 5S is rumored to be released in August, packing internal upgrades such as CPU and camera improvements. No major changes to the design of the phone are expected. 

While we do not expect Apple to release a gold iPhone, a few weeks ago, a gold sim tray surfaced along with other parts suspected for the iPhone 5S. 

However iPhone 5S May have more powerful CPU, size and other specs Will not be changed expect dual-LED Flash, as Macotakara reported. Leak-sites and already told That iPad mini (2nd Generation) Will be Released in August, then Special event Will be have in August. My source did not tell me when iPad (5th generation) goes into production phase, then I don't have idea about shipping date of that iPad.

The site is also claiming the cheaper iPhone will come in black, white, pink, orange and blue -- colors that originated from Apple’s iPhone Bumpers. The site is unsure if we will see a product red or a green variation.

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