How to Enable System-Wide Facebook Chat Heads on iOS Using MessageBox

How to Enable System-Wide Facebook Chat Heads on iOS Using MessageBox

These are instructions on how to enable system-wide Facebook Chat Heads on iOS using MessageBox by Adam Bell.

Message Box has now been released in Cydia so it will be easier for most to just install it directly from Cydia rather than use these instructions.

Step One
You need jailbroken device to install MessageBox.

Step Two
Install iFile and MobileSubstrate from Cydia. Of course, you also need Facebook installed from the App Store.

Step Three
Click this deb link using Safari on your mobile device.

Step Four
You will be prompted by Safari to choose an app with which to open the .deb file. Select iFile.

Step Five
When iFile opens tap the large Installer button.

Step Six
Once installation has completed successfully, tap the Done button at the top right of the screen.

Step Seven
Reboot your iOS device then launch the Facebook app from your Springboard.

Step Eight
Log into Facebook then tap the button at the top right of the navigation bar to bring your friends list.

Step Nine
Select a friend to chat with from the list and you will notice a chat head appear.

Step Ten
Tap the home button and thanks to MessageBox the chat head will still be present over your Springboard!


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