AirPlayServer' is the Easiest Way to Turn an iOS Device Into an AirPlay Server

AirPlay is a very useful feature Apple supports for accessories so you can play media wirelessly. Unfortunately, one thing Apple doesn’t allow you to do is use an iOS device as an AirPlay server for another iOS device.

For this reason, iOS developer iolate created a new free jailbreak tweak called AirPlayServer. The tweak is literally the easiest way to turn an iOS device into an AirPlay server so you can stream media to another iOS device wirelessly. After you have installed the tweak and enabled it from the tweak's preferences pane in the Settings application, you will be able to hop on any of your other AirPlay-supported iOS devices and find your AirPlay server device and start playing music from it.

As shown above in our iOS 7 Control Center where Apple gives us a way to connect to AirPlay devices, we can connect to our iPhone 4 that has AirPlayServer installed on it. You can also connect to AirPlay devices on non-iOS 7 devices by visiting the App Switcher and moving to the music controls page. 

Notably, the only device that needs to be jailbroken to take advantage of this feature is the device that you want turned into an AirPlay server. All of your devices that you plan to use to stream music to your AirPlay server can be or not be jailbroken – it doesn’t matter.

AirPlayServer's preferences pane in the Settings application is dead simple. You can just enable or disable the server on demand. When the server is on, devices can connect to your AirPlay server. When the server is off, you will not be discoverable:

This feature comes in handy if the device you're streaming from has a damaged speaker and the device you're using as an AirPlay server has a good speaker. This way, you can still use your iOS device(s) as a way to listen to your music. If you don't have any broken speakers, it's still a cool way to show off.

AirPlayServer is completely free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. If you want to give this cool tweak a try, go and grab it!


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