How to Replace Your iPhone Signal Strength Bars With Numbers

These are instructions on how to replace the signal strength bars on your iPhone with a numerical representation of reception strength. (ie. numbers instead of bars).

Step One
Press to launch MobilePhone from your Springboard.

Step Two
Tap the keyboard tab then dial *3001#12345#*.

Step Three
Your iPhone will now launch Field Test. Notice your strength bars have been replaced with a number. This number is your reception strength measured in decibels. The closer to 0dB the stronger your signal.

Step Four
Press and hold the Power button until the power slider appears.

Step Five
Press and hold the Home button until the Field Test program is terminated. Notice the signal strength numbers still remain.

To Switch Back to Bars
Dial *3001#12345#* again to enter Field Test mode.

Press the signal strength at the top left of screen to toggle between numbers and bars. Then press the Homebutton to exit Field Test mode.


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