New Windows Version of iPhoDroid Installs Android on Your iPhone With One Click

Sergio Mcfly has announced the release of a Windows version of iPhoDroid which can install Android on your iPhone 3G with one click.

"YES! It's today. Gotta tell you Im so thankful for everyone to be so patient and understandable for this Release. The delay was necessary because I made everything for do not mess up your computer and despite Microsoft Windows7 64bit is very tough to accept an un-certificated DLL, I found a very good safe way to run the App without installation and no hassles. All on-the-fly and in one single click, 1SHOT Yeah!! and now it runs on fine over XP and Vista (i386 and x64). I hope all of you help me to keep this Project alive; I never ever thought that this could be this BIG as it is. Thanks everyone and God bless!"

We will post instructions on how to do this shortly.

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