Prevent PDFs From Automatically Loading Using PDF Loading Warner

If you are concerned that someone might use the same PDF exploit that comex used for his jailbreak for malicious purposes you can now use PDF Loading Warner to prevent the automatic loading of PDF files.

PDF Loading Warner by Will Strafach 
displays a warning before allowing the system to load a PDF, to try to help users avoid being duped by malicious PDFs. Please note that attackers may use more advanced methods, such as being at a public wifi hotspot and spoofing, so this is not a complete solution to be "safe" from the exploit, but it is moreso a quick hack until a proper patch for the exploit is released by comex or Apple.

As noted to me by iPhone hacker "MuscleNerd", this should not be regarded as a "secure" solution. So I reiterate, this is simpily a hack for the time being to give you more control instead of putting you at a needless risk. This will not install any icons.

You can download PDF Loading Warner from the BigBoss Cydia repository for free.


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