SpringVibe Update Offers 43 Vibration Methods, 15 Sounds, iPhone 3.x Support

SpringVibe 3.2.1 has been updated with iPhone OS 3.x support and now features 43 vibration methods and 15 sounds. You can choose to have one or the other for vibration(iPhone only), or sounds(iPhone and iTouch).

SpringVibe makes items vibrate for better feedback from your iPhone, have sounds for extreme feedback from your iPhone or iTouch, for better touching results, and for reassurance of your touch. SpringVibe helps complete what the iPhone and iPod touch are becoming, and makes the feedback for users more responsive!

Version 3.2.1
● Updated File Size
● Compiled for 3.0
● Fixes SpringVibe Check
● SharedInstance Added

Version 3.1
● 'Application Close' fixed
● 'Navigation' fixed
● 'All Buttons' fixed
● New Loop cache
● More Logging added for future debugging

Version 3.0
● 'Disable All' Removed
●'Respring' removed
● 'Alerts' rewritten
● 'Memory Warning Vibration' fixed
● 'SpringBoard Loader' fixed
● 'Application Close/Open' fixed
● 'SpringBoard page switching' fixed
● 'Wifi alerts' fixed
● 'All phone.app vibrations' fixed
● Memory leak


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