SpringBoard Rotator Adds Support for Stack

SpringBoard Rotator has updated to version 1.5 bringing support for Stack and improving response and effects speed.

The app lets you use your iPhone in every one of the possible 4 orientations automatically when you rotate your device.

What's New:
● Added support for Stack (stack3a) Stack is now 100% compatible.
● Fixed Infiniboard's lag completely.
● Improved response and effects speed.
● Added option for sound on rotation.
● Fixed an icon flip bug in previous version.
● Fixed CategoriesSB in Semi-Rotation mode.
● Fixed FiveIconDock issue on Semi-Rotation mode.
● Hide icon and dock labels is now up to user selection, not auto-adjusted.
● Added option to start with selected orientation by default.
● Added option to Lock rotation on startup.
● Added adjust sensitivity option.
● Added statusBar rotation option.

You can purchase SpringBoard Rotator from the Cydia Store for $1.99.


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