iPhone Dev-Team Releases Developer Jailbreak for iPhone OS 4.0b4

The iPhone Dev-Team has released a jailbreak for developers using iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4.

The jailbreak is performed using a special .9.5 beta of RedSn0w.

This BETA release supports:
● iPhone 3G only (for now)
● Mac OSX only (for now)
● the 4.0beta1/beta4 FW only (for now)

YOU SHOULD STAY CLEAR OF THIS BETA SOFTWARE IF YOU RELY ON A CARRIER UNLOCK. That's because the beta redsn0w works only if your device has already been upgraded to the stock 4.0beta1/beta4 IPSW from Apple, which contains a baseband update. If you installed that IPSW, you've already lost the carrier unlock until the next planned release of ultrasn0w and blacksn0w.

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