How to Backup Your SHSH Blobs Using Firmware Umbrella [Windows]

These are instructions on how to backup your SHSH blobs using Firmware Umbrella for Windows. you can find the Mac version here
Read the FAQ section here

This is for all devices starting from iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4

Step One
Download the latest version of Firmware Umbrella from here to your Desktop.

Step Two
Right Click umbrella.exe and Choose Run as administrator from the contextual popup menu.

If you get a Windows Security Alert, make sure both boxes are checked, and hit Allow Access.

Step Three
Make sure your iPhone is plugged into the computer and select it from the list of connected devices on the left

Step Four
Click the Save SHSH button.

Step Five
Once completed you will notice a new entry in the Saved SHSHs for iPhone list confirming the successful save of your SHSH blobs.

If Umbrella is not able to detect your ECID then you can find it and enter it manually. Use these tutorials to help you determine your ECID.
- iPhone: Mac, Windows
- iPad: Mac, Windows

**Thanks to semaphore for his work on this tool


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