iBlueNova (iBluetooth) Available in Cydia Store Soon

iBueNova, formally known as iBluetooth, will be available in the Cydia Store soon.

The application developed by MeDevil enables bluetooth file transfer functionality on your iPhone. Previously it was available to iPhone 2.x users as iBluetooth; however, due to trademark issues the name has been changed for its 3.x release.

According to iSpazio it is ready for distribution but it'll take a few days before Saurik can include it in the Cydia Store.

In this new and final version:
* Resolve the timeout sending a file with authentication enabled
* Fixes an issue with the approval of the BT on 3G
* Completing the integration of licenses
* Fixed bug with opening files from iFile.
* Removed backgrounding native.

As you wait take a look at the video preview below...

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