Apple Releases iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2

Apple has released iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2, a pre-release version of iPhone SDK 3.2 to support development of applications for iPad devices.


Xcode/Developer Tools
- FIXED: Changing an iPhone Executable's working directory from “Build Products directory” may cause the application not to install properly with the error message “The Info.plist for application at (null) specifies a CFBundleExecutable of (null), which does not exist.”
- FIXED: In iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 1, Xcode's Transition feature did not work correctly if the SDK was installed in a location other than /Developer. In beta 2, the feature will work properly with the SDK installed in any location on your system.
- FIXED: In iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 1, some users saw the message "A signed resource has been added, modified or deleted…" when rebuilding their projects. This has been fixed for beta 2.

Interface Builder
- FIXED: Building an iPhone application that uses UITableViewCell objects encoded in XIB files and then running that application in the simulator or on a device with a version less than 3.2 will result in a runtime exception. To workaround this, use the simulator with the 3.2 SDK.

- FIXED: If an MPMoviePlayerController object is set to full screen before calling presentMoviePlayerViewControllerAnimated:, the movie will not properly play fullscreen.
- FIXED: The simulator window incorrectly rotates to portrait when an MPMoviePlayerController object enters fullscreen from landscape.
- FIXED: An MPMoviePlayerController object does not behave properly when content is programmatically changed.
- FIXED: Exiting fullscreen mode of an MPMoviePlayerController object’s movie does not return the movie to its view frame.

- FIXED: The split view template app doesn't show the 'Master List' button upon initial launch in portrait orientation. Rotating the simulator to landscape, then back to portrait, shows the button.

- FIXED: The drawAsPatternInRect: method of UIImage draws the image upside down.

- NEW: The user agent string has been updated for the iPad.


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