iCamcorder 1.7 for iPhone Brings Performance Boost, Many New Features

iCamcorder, an application to record video on the iPhone 2G or 3G, has been updated to provide a large performance boost as well as many new features.

Record smooth videos with high quality audio on your iPhone EDGE, 2G or 3G device!
The impressively smooth recording adds a valuable feature to your iPhone, that you don't want to miss in the future.

- Record high-quality movies ( 15FPS+ on the highest settings and up to 20 FPS on the lowest possible settings )
- High quality audio.
- No recording limit!
- Zoom into the action with the digital zoom - 1x, 2x and 4x, change it anytime.
- Apply one of nine(!) amazing effects: Black/White filter, Old Movie Effect, Motions Trails, Inverted Colors, Bloom, Mirror, Quad Cam, Pop Art, Color Flip
- FX indicator so you don't forget when an effect is active, and to quickly disable it.
- Supports both portrait and landscape recording.
- No gigantic saving or encoding time, videos are encoded during the recording process.
- Export your videos to the camera roll.
- Several options to adjust recording quality.
- Share your movies on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.
- Send your recorded movies by Email.
- Share your movies when connected by WiFi or 3G!
- Download recorded movies via WiFi from the integrated web-server.
- Supports the Bonjour service publishing protocol.
- Zero-Configuration Setup.
- Beautifully designed user-interface.
- User-interface translated into English, German, French and Italian.

What's New In This Version:
- Improved: amazing performance boost, encoder has been rewritten using arm asm.
- More than 15 FPS with all settings turned up to the maximum
- Improved: audio/video sync.
- Improved: delete menu.
- Improved: added social-network icons to the share menu.
- Improved: added upload progress indicator when uploading movie to social network.
- Improved: startup time.
- New Feature: 'quad-cam' effect.
- New Feature: 'mirror' effect.
- New Feature: 'pop-art' effect.
- New Feature: 'color flip' effect.
- New Feature: user interface facelift.
- New Feature: FX indicator button, visible when an effect is active. Tap it to disable it quickly.
- New Feature: added twitter sharing.
- New Feature: added movie date to thumbnails in library.
- New Feature: sharing over 3G / EDGE.
- New Feature: fixed framerate, to improve audio/video sync (experimental).
- New Feature: export to camera roll.
- New Feature: Italian translations.
- Changed: recommended settings preset, recommended is maximum now.
- Changed: full screen camera, removed status bar.
- Bug Fix: record button not changing to stop button.

You can purchase iCamcorder from the App Store for $0.99.

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