Mobile Substrate 0.9.2966-1 – Update | Cydia

In addition to Veency, Cyntact and Five Icon Dock, Saurik has also updated the MobileSubstrate version that comes 0.9.2966-1. This is an extension of Springboard can support as many applications as SBSettings, etc Winterboard. The update is primarily targeted to security and look at the details below:

It was not issued any changelog so I addressed directly to Saurik, who explained to me that this new version allows you to select various daemons to the firmware version required, and consequently, once all the developers use this feature, not you run the most dangerous to install applications not compatible with your device.

Does not end here. Arrive in a few days a new update that will increase the capacity of mobilesubstrate and allow the installation of new extensions that come in Cydia on the same day. In particular, it refers to a recognition of the hardware device, which will install the new daemons or at least to run applications in a totally different sull'iPhone 3GS.

Clearly we will continue to keep you updated! To update the MobileSubstrate simply run Cydia and start the upgrade essential


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