Available updates Veency, Cyntact and Five Icon Dock | Cydia

A few minutes ago, Saurik has released several updates to its applications. In particular we refer to Veency, Cyntact and Five Icon Dock. Here are the changes:

veency cyntact five_icon_dock

We begin by Veency that was finally reconciled with the Firmware 3.0 el'iPhone 3GS. The application enables remote control dell'iPhone using your PC / Mac and a VNC client.

Cyntact instead gets to version 1.3-1 and is a nice extension of the native "Contacts", which displays a thumbnail of the photo on the left side. The update also adds support to the "Bookmarks" the phone and costs $ 1 via Cydia Store.

Finally Five Icon Dock, fixes some bugs riscrontrati users.


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