Hackers Can Take Over All iPhones With a One Character SMS

Security experts say every iPhone in the world can be hacked with a single character SMS.

Speaking at the Black Hat cybersecurity tomorrow, Collin Mulliner and Charlie Miller plan to publicize a bug which will allow hackers to completely take over your iPhone.

According to a Forbes report, the flaw is found in the iPhone's handling of SMS messages. Using a series of mostly invisible SMS bursts, hackers can control all of your phone's functions. This includes dialing, web surfing, enabling the camera and microphone, as well as using the device to attack other phones.

"This is serious. The only thing you can do to prevent it is turn off your phone," Miller told Forbes. "Someone could pretty quickly take over every iPhone in the world with this."

Miller and Mulliner notified Apple about the vulnerability more than a month ago; however, the company hasn't released a patch.

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