EA Announces Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer for iPhone

EA Mobile has announced that Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer, and many more titles are headed to the iPhone and iPod touch.

MacWorld is reporting that the following titles were announced at the Game Developers Conference.

- Tiger Woods PGA Tour (Spring 2010)
- Wolfenstein RPG
- FIFA Soccer
- Madden NFL
- NBA Live
- Spore Creatures
- Mystery Mania
- American Idol
- Command & Conquer
- SSX (a snowboarding game)
- Need for Speed
- The Sims 3.

EA Mobile will also release the following board games for the iPhone:
- Connect 4
- Battleship
- Risk
- Monopoly “classic”
- Trivial Pursuit (April 2010)
- Clue.

No word on any dates other then those marked.

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