A Video Roundup of 8 Upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch Games


We've received a number of interesting new video previews for upcoming iPhone games. Many of the videos are new previews for games we've covered before, while a few are from games we've never talked about. All the videos are worth a look, so check them out.

Games We've Discussed

  • Star Defense - Ngmoco's long anticipated 3D Tower Defense game appears to be getting closer to release. A new hands on video from Ngmoco shows more of the game's controls.
  • Return to Mysterious Island - Inspired by the Jules Verne novel, this 3d adventure game offers over 15 hours of gameplay. TetraEdge Games and Chillingo have released this new trailer video showing off more of the game and controls.
  • Blimp - The Flying Adventures - Craneball Studios has released an actual "hands on" gameplay video of their upcoming Blimp game which we previewed in April. The video should address questions and concerns about the control system the game uses.
  • Circuit Strike One - One we've been keeping an eye on since January, Circuit Strike One also appears to be near release. Chillingo has released a number of new gameplay videos today: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
  • Monster Pinball - A stylistic pinball game with 6 interconnected tables. The graphics and animations were poorly captured in the previous gameplay video, so the developers released a much higher quality gameplay video recorded off the computer.


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