'Terminator' Survival Shooter Coming to iPhone

Big Head Games announced that in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Terminator movie, they have partnered with Dark Horse Comics to release a "heart-pounding, shoot everything, homage to the movie that started it all".

The game is a top-down action shooter that appears similar in gameplay to iDracula but contains both Story and Endless modes. Features include:

  • Bigger and badder weapons from Gatling guns to Bazookas
  • Two extreme game modes for a lasting game experience
  • In Quick mode, rescue fallen soldiers
  • In Story mode, play as Kyle Reese taking on challenging missions.
  • T-800s and Hunter Killer Tanks from the original movie along with an array of new foes
  • Multiple control modes and auto targeting options to match gameplay to every skill level.
  • Pounding soundtrack and sfx, play this game with headphones for a film like experience.
  • Two parts, look out for an imminent update taking you below ground to take on the machines in their home ground.

The game has already been submitted to the App Store and will be on sale for $0.99 during its first 72 hours.


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