mQuickDo Assigns Functions to iPhone Gestures

mQuickDo is an update to iHome which allows you to assign functions to different gestures.

mQuickDo makes use of the (trigger function) of iPhone and iPod Touch. mQuickDo will help you operate iPhone and Touch easily like exit a program, reboot or power off, switch or quit a task, mute or hang up the incoming call, etc. It will protect "Home"and "Power" button at a high degree, extend the life of your iPhone or Ipod Touch.

The application is available via the iSpazio repository with a 3 day trial and a purchase price of $7.99. Some new features include:
- Ability to hide the bar mQuickDo when you see the keyboard. This avoids problems on tap spacebar.
- Opportunity to see 5 icons on lockscreen for quick access to applications.
- Redesigned application consists of 3 different tab with the new switches to activate the additional features
- All the options that you set are activated immediately without having to run a respring
- During an incoming call can execute a “long slide” from left to right to silence the ringer, or a “Long Slide” from right to left to reject the call

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