Using Skype with the 3G connection

I found some solutions to make Skype work with the 3G connection, I do not know why he insists does not operate normally with the 3G connection of the appliance, but do not leave until an update of the application, we will try the methods below.

Method 1
Log in Cydia, click Manage - Sources - Edit - Add and add the following source: now look and install the app Skype over 3G, he deceives Skype and allows you to use it for 3G.

Method 2
Download Skype
Install or upgrade the Mobile Substrate
VoIPover3G the Install Cydia
Connect your iphone by SSH and go to the folder / Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries /

Download the file "VoIPover3G.plist" and open it with the notebook

Find the text after the comma: "" and then type a comma after "" (quotes included).


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