Flash for iPhone complete

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It was announced early this morning that Flash for the iPhone has been completed and will be a part of the iPhone 3.0 firmware update scheduled for summer 2009. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen issued the following statement;
“The Apple/Adobe collaboration was a success and while Flash on the iPhone is still limited, we have completed what we feel is a version suitable to be integrated into the mobile Safari app on the iPhone. Users will be able to stream Flash media and enjoy streaming movies. At this point in time, interactive Flash content is still too resource intensive to be functional but our team is working on that as well.”
Development of Flash for the iPhone has hit major roadblocks when it came to the limited hardware capacity of the iPhone. Last time we reported on the issue, both Adobe and Apple had engineers working to bring Flash support to the iPhone. The beta version of the iPhone firmware 3.0 will not have Flash so don’t upgrade unless you want to brick your iPhone.


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