RiP Dev Updates Icy Installer to 1.1.1

RiP Dev has released another update to Icy, adding localizations and fixing some annoying bugs.

In the past week, we have addressed most annoying issues you had with Icy -- and added the most anticipated feature, Recent Packages. With the help of fellow artists around the world, various themes for Icy are appearing in the repositories - so if you don't like the default black&white pure look, go for one of the themes. ;)

Last 3 days, we've been furiously adding the localizations you have sent in -- as Icy is a true iPhone application, it takes full advantage of the iPhone OS features like internationalization -- and as a result, Icy 1.1.1 comes with 15 languages in stock! This is all, of course, thanks to your extremely hard efforts -- we don't speak that many languages.

So now Icy is available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Greek,
Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Serbian, Hebrew, Romanian, Serbian and Ukranian languages -- in addition to English, of course. :) To see your native language, make sure it is chosen as a primary language in the Settings > International (well, or replace English.lproj in the with the folder of your language, if you must. I didn't tell you that, okay?).

Among other things, we have tweaked the way sources are refreshed, fixed an annoying dependency-related bug when it would complain about missing firmware package, and added little category titles in the Recent Packages screen so it's easier to see what is what:

You can download Icy by adding the source in Cydia.


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