How to Fix Skype Crash Issue on Jailbroken iPhone

Skype for iPhone

As you know, Skype for iPhone has been released and available for free (except Canada) on App Store. Probably, you have installed it and are enjoying it to make free phone call to friends in other countries.

But, if you’re using jailbroken iPhone, you may experience crash issues during logon or while making phone call.

From what I have tested, you’ll be able to launch Skype on jailbroken iPhone. However, once you tap on “Skype name” to type in the username, the application crashes and goes back to iPhone home screen.

Thanks again to Jay Freeman, that he already released a fix to resolve the crash issue on Skype. As mentioned, the crash issue is due to a Cydia package called Mobile Substrate. You may not aware that the package is installed on iPhone. But this Cydia package is used by VoiceOverIP, Backgrounder, Winterboard applications.

To fix the crash issue, you can simply go to Cydia and upgrade Mobile Substrate to v0.9.2805-1 (or newer). This version is fully compatible with Skype and should resolve the crash issue.

Mobile Substrate for Skype Fix


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