More new screenshots of the iPhone 3.0 OS

Complementing the information and screenshot released earlier today by MacRumors, the Boy Genius Report posted earlier now more exclusive pictures of the iPhone OS 3.0, with another screen confirming the possibility of recording videos.
In an area that appears to be the new Photos application (which will probably be renamed to something like Media), the top of the interface allows the screening of videos and photos. In this last screen, blank, a great recording icon appears, along with a phrase that indicates that the user can make a movie with the iPhone camera. The International preferences panel also has a menu called "Voice Control": would Apple is preparing to allow for voice connections are made in the iPhone, among other commands?
Finally, something that appeals to many users is a new option to show the level of the battery unit in digital form as a percentage. Very cool! :-) Below are the screenshots :


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