How to activate the button to check the battery in percentage and how the video camera in firmware 3.0

I found a tutorial on the site Esfera iPhone that teaches how to add a button to enable and disable the battery indicator to dial in percentage and how to enable the interface of the video camera mode in firmware 3.0, recalling that the latter does not.

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  1. Connect to SSH your iPhone.
  2. We go to / System / Library / CoreServices /
  3. Save the file on your HD M68AP.plist. Now we use this web service to convert the file.
  4. Once converted, the open with any text editor (Notepad).
  5. We the lines:device-name device-name iPhone iPhone
  6. and add below:gas-gauge-battery battery gas-gauge -
  7. With this button to activate the battery in%. To test the interface of the camera followed.
  8. We the lines:unified-ipod unified-ipod
  9. and add below:video-camera video-camera
  10. Save the file and place the item in the same folder 2.
  11. Restart the iPhone and now must return to the news.
  • In Settings / General / use, the button will appear in% (the change may take a while to dial in percentage).
  • If you open the camera, see the new button to switch between video mode and photo. This enabled nçao operates the camera (or photos or video), and just for curiosity.


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