New iPod Shuffle - The Music Player That Speaks To You

ipod shuffle 2009 21 294x400 New iPod Shuffle   The Music Player That Speaks To You

The new iPod Shuffle it’s here. To be honest , the iPod Shuffle its the best iPod out there (for me). The only downside is that it had no display or a way to know browse songs. Why i say the shuffle is the best iPod out there? Simple, my first iPod was the classic shuffle. I used to charge it for 2-3 hours than i used to listen to music for the whole week going to school and back home ( and sometimes during the classes, but they were boring…. hey don’t judge me, thats college ).

Now, they got the new shuffle which is sexy as hell, 1/2 the size of the previous shuffle and 4 gigs of space. They got this new feature where the iPod will tell you the name of the song you are listening to and/or the playlist. Depending on what you use to sync the music to your iPod (mac or pc ) , you will hear a different voice. For mac you will hear a man’s voice and for a pc you will hear a women’s voice.

Now if you want to read between the lines, this is what Apple tells you : if you got a mac, than you got cojones ( that’s balls for those of you who dont speak French ). If you got a PC, than you a pussy.

I would like to know 2 things tho :

  • what happens when the default headphones will break. THEY WILL !!!
  • anybody knows where Hannah works at? I would like to pay her a visit, ask her a few question about … the new shuffle


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