Update the Stack is now available in cydia

img_0059 img_0060 img_00612

* We have the opportunity to decide the position of the Stack (choose between the center right or extremism)

* The removal of the applications will remove the same within the Stack (ex-white instead remained an icon, not clickable)
* E 'can add the icon of the calendar, without creating problems at the time and day
* New preferences available under the "Settings"
* Enhance the areas of selection, it is easier to run applications that are at the top of the pile

img_0062 img_0063 img_00641

To add applications in just stack them and drag them on vibrate. To eliminate them, instead, simply expand the stack and click on an icon long. There are generally two types of display "linear" (with the possibility of the curve) and "grid". All these options, and the position of the battery, can be resolved through the native "Settings." Once installed the application for Cydia, the position of the Standard will be central. If you want to put it in the lower right corner, after selecting this option in the preferences, run a respring to see the changes.Stack found in the category of System Cydia through the repository of Ste Pakaging.


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