Add all sources of Cydia

Many people have difficulty in finding one or another program in Cydia and the problem is always the same: have not installed the repository where the desired program is stored.

So there is a tip to take all of the repositories Cydia installed at once, without major juggling!

First, you must manually install a repository, the Steffwiz. This gives you two ways to do:

Entering tab sections of Cydia has a group called Repositories, inside should be the repo Steffwiz ready to be installed. O nome do pacote é Steffwiz's Source - Random Themes and Things The name of the package is Steffwiz's Source - Random Themes and Things

- If you prefer not find or add the repository manually from the Manage tab and then Sources. Tap the Edit button (at upper right) and then Add (top left). Vai open a pop up, type the following address: (do not forget the end of the bar.)

After installation of the repo Steffwiz, return to the tab sections again and navigate to Repositories. Now you have a package called All Sources, only install and ready! Dozens of repositories and automatically installed at once!

. If by chance after you install the repository of Steffwiz not appear in the All Sources Repositories, between Changes tab and tap the Refresh button.

Yeah, I hope that helps!


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