Unlock your iPhone 3G by using the PC SneGo! Vik (sN0w! Man)

Now you can unlock your iPhone 3G directly from your PC, thanks to Dev Team and RussianiPhone.ru. The SneGo! Vik (sN0w! Man) is a program based on YellowSn0w and easy to use, I will translate the instructions to you with my great Russian.

1 - Download the program here
2 - Connect your iPhone 3G in the computer chip with a blocked SIM
3 - Run "SneGo! Vik.exe" (if you do not recognize the SIM, re the process.)

The program is only available for the Windows platform for now, but I was talking about a version for Mac soon.

Not yet tested the software, who can tell me the comments! Faça por sua conta e risco. Ask at your own risk. ;)


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