The iPhone, a new target for viruses?

iPhone. According to our information, the Russian publisher of Kaspersky antivirus is currently working on software to protect against viruses, specially adapted for the iPhone. Uma An approach that is not totally inconsistent with the security measure that many experts believe that mobile phones, especially smartphones, are the next victims of the attacks. For now, the iPhone is relatively spared, but its success should logically be accompanied by more attacks.The request made by Apple installation system is relatively closed, the unlocked iPhone, which are the first victims of the attacks. The first known viruses on this platform has also been booked.The iPhone is unable to read the MMS, no chance that the virus can pass through Only the lines of malicious code hidden in websites, attacks by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi phones could lead to damage connected. Remains whether Apple will agree to sell the application through the AppStore, download its software. This would allow a vulnerability in your system. The success of Apple products is receiving renewed interest among software vendors that integrate the new operating system Mac OS in its development plans. Kaspersky antivirus solution to prepare an Apple computers.


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